Going to Probate Court


Probate is court-supervised process of transferring ownership of a deceased person’s assets to his heirs.

Some assets pass from a deceased person to his heirs without the necessity of a probate, such as bank accounts with a properly completed “joint tenancy with right of survivorship” designation.

For the most part, however, assets only transfer from a deceased person to his heirs via the probate process. The process of probate can be made less expensive and less tedious upon one's heirs with a properly drafted Last Will and Testament.  A Texas Will may, if appropriately drafted, eliminate probate supervision from a Judge, called an Independent Administration.

An Independent Administration can save significant legal fees to a deceased person’s family. Let us help you structure your estate plan with a properly drafted Will so that the probate process won't be financially devastating on your family. We can help. The initial conference is free. Call me.

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