Estate Planning

Dying without a Will in Texas means that the decedent has elected, by default, the “Texas estate plan.”  The Texas estate plan seldom aligns with the desired estate plan of a decedent, and increases the cost to pass assets to heirs significantly.

The problem is made much worse when minor children are involved. Most parents would not want money and property to pass to minor children. Access to inherited assets by minor children is available only through a duly appointed legal guardian, a very expensive legal process.

Also, children reaching age 18 are deemed "adults" under Texas law. Most 18-year-olds have likely not reached a level of maturity to appropriately manage and preserve inherited assets of significant value.

The cost of passing ownership of a decedent’s estate to his heirs, without a Will, is typically  2 to 5 times more expensive than passing ownership via a  properly drafted Texas Will. Unlike most states, Texas allows persons, via a properly drafted Texas Will, to have a non-court supervised probate, which is significantly less expensive than a probate requiring a judge to supervise, which is the Texas default process.

Don't let this happen to you and your family. Have a properly drafted Will prepared today. Simply print the Estate Planning Fact Sheet off of this website, complete it, and make an appointment to come in.  The office conference is free!

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